Fighting the Counterfeit Luxury Goods “Industry”

I’m going to get on my (really big) soapbox for a second because this is something I’m passionate about for many reasons. I realize that many won’t care about this, but I think it is important to know about this subject and part of what I write about and review are luxury items.

Counterfeit Goods: It is illegal to sell counterfeit luxury items (e.g. “knockoffs”), counterfeit makeup, etc. It’s actually a matter that falls under Homeland Security due to the organizations that make these items being involved in such things as terrorism, drug cartels, and more. Not only that, but the counterfeit makeup and perfume has been known to contain toxic chemicals that can cause burns or worse.

I’ve noticed that the counterfeit industry is becoming more and more prevalent in my area, setting up at flea markets, hotels, etc. and people think they’re getting a great deal because they can buy a $1000 purse for $80. Some know they’re buying a fake but some people don’t. Either way, the industry supports some horrid things. By purchasing counterfeit items, you’re potentially supporting criminal organizations and contributing to potential loss of jobs right here in the US as many of the designers and companies produce some of these items right here.

If you really want a designer bag, wallet, belt, etc., save up, check the legitimate sales of preloved items for what you want, or buy another brand that is less expensive but still nice. The preloved authentic market is a fantastic place to find great luxury items at very good prices. I can tell you about some fab places from here to LA!

I know that some won’t care about what I’ve said, and that’s ok. I just want to inform because I see it happen so much, and it is just wrong, in my opinion. Just be cautious about buying something when it’s not from the actual store that sells the product. It’s a scary world out there.

Note: if you think you’ve purchased a fake item, get it authenticated. I’ve done this for people on certain brands that I have experience with, and I’m always happy to help. If I can’t, I have a good network of professional luxury goods authenticators I can point you toward. If someone’s trying to sell you something that you suspect is fake or if you see it pop up on Facebook, eBay, etc., check it out and report it if you’re sure. To find out more about what I’ve mentioned,there are all sorts of articles about the raids conducted and articles on government websites that discuss the issue.