End of Summer Faves

Labor Day has come and gone; now we have fall on the way! Well, some places do…here in Tennessee its still really, REALLY hot!  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be time for some end of summer favorites for you to check out that will work all year long! I’ve got favorites for you in beauty, style, and tech that will keep you looking great and stylish–all at the same time. Lets get started!


I couldn’t resist using two favorites for the beauty category this time, especially since one could really count has health and wellness, too. First up we have the Dyson Hairdryer.  I am seriously in LOVE with this hairdryer. I have medium-long length hair that is very thick (ask my stylist, she’ll tell you!), and it take FOREVER to blow-dry my hair. I was skeptical at first, mainly due to the hefty price tag of $399 for a hair dryer, but I couldn’t resist, especially after talking to a Dyson representative at Nordstrom one day. Luckily, I got an email from Ulta about 20% off beauty tools, and this magic dryer was included. This thing never usually goes on sale, so I jumped on it. Our local Ulta (surprisingly) had several in stock, so I rushed out to get it. Let me tell you–LIFE CHANGING.  I can dry my hair in anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on the product I have in it, how damp it is, or if I’m doing a blow out on it. I used to spend 15-20 minutes or more blow drying my hair with a regular dryer. I never thought it’d be worth nearly $400, but it really is! That extra 5-10 minutes I save really does count in the mornings or whenever I’m in a rush, so, if you can spend the cash, definitely go for it!

The second fave in the beauty category is the Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift. Again at a retail price of $349, it is not a cheap item, but I have seen the benefits of using the cleansing brush head and most noticeably the firming massage head that is included in the package. I use both of those brush heads with this device daily and have noticed smaller pores, lifting under my chin and on my neck, as well as reduced facial swelling–which can occur from too much sodium, not enough water, and alcohol. I use the facial massage head morning and night because I find that I can see the difference in the firming in the morning the best due to the overnight dehydration and such that can occur. I use it and the cleansing brush at night to remove makeup and whatever else is lingering on my skin. My skin is clearer and I can tell the difference in my face and neck from the firming massage–and being a plus sized person, I didn’t think I would be able to, but I can. The great thing about this item is it does go on sale often, plus there is also another version of Clarisonic that will now fit all of the same brush heads–the Mia Smart 3-1 Facial Brush, which will fit the massaging head as well as the new eye massager, which seems really beneficial. The Mia Smart also connects with the new Clarisonic app. At a $199 price point, this one is a bit more affordable and will do many of the same functions as the Smart Profile Uplift. Definitely check either of them out…I’m tempted to also check out the Mia Smart, too!


Next up, in the tech department is an old favorite with new packaging. The Lumee case, now in gorgeous metallic marble. I have the Lumee Duo case, which has both front and selfie lights on it for perfect studio lighting. I have had a Lumee case for every iPhone I’ve had since Lumee began producing their cases. My favorite was the black marble I had with my iPhone 7+, but once I got the iPhone X, I switched to my Louis Vuitton case instead. But when I saw these gorgeous cases, I had to get one.  They are seriously beautiful and with the iPhone X only coming in two colors, this is a great way to dress up your phone. The lights on either side work well and help to provide a somewhat natural/studio light when you need that for the perfect selfie or night out with friends. Mine is the rose gold marble and it is beautiful. The case I have is $69.95, but Lumee runs promotions often, so sign up for emails to get the latest deals from them. Their products are well worth the price and are very good protective and useful cases.  I highly recommend giving Lumee cases a try!


Last but most certainly not least comes the style fave. I discovered David Yurman jewelry a while ago, but had not made any purchases until this year. I stuck with my local fine jeweler and, of course, my Tiffany jewelry. But I’ve always loved the look of the DY bracelets; however, I have rather thick wrists and I was never sure they’d fit correctly, but I still wanted to try them. Walking on Rodeo Drive this past spring, I stopped in the store and was greeted by the nicest sales associates of any luxury store I have been to in any city–I highly recommend this store if you’re in the LA area! I was helped immediately and said I wanted to see the classic cable bracelets, which, to me, are their signature styles. I wasn’t sure if I wanted just the plain silver, two-tone, with diamonds, without diamonds, gemstones, or what, so I looked at

EVERYTHING. The sales associates were extremely nice and helpful to let me see anything I wanted. After quite a long time (ask my husband–he loves shopping, but I think I wore even him out!), I decided on the 5mm Cable Classic bracelet with 14k gold with the blue topaz on the end. The sales associate said that was a perfect choice for a first piece since the blue was somewhat of a signature of DY jewelry. And that’s all it took…I am now seriously in love with David Yurman. Since one of the fashionable things to do with these (or any) bracelets are to stack them, it wasn’t long until I ended up with a second one. This time it was from the Nashville David Yurman in Green Hills (equally as nice as Rodeo Drive!), and I chose the 4mm Cable Classics bracelet with 18k gold and a silver dome instead of a gemstone. I wanted to mix it up a bit since I’ve seen so many different bracelet stacks with different accessories. I am in love with these bracelets and I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon. 

So there are my end of summer faves for this year. I highly recommend all of these, and although many are a bit pricey, I can say that they are worth the price and are an investment, especially the DY jewelry. Enjoy the cool fall weather soon and a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and happy shopping!