Where I’ve been…

So, it has been almost a year since I posted anything here.  And to my readers (if I have any left!! Haha!), I sincerely apologize.  As often happens, life got in the way. Work was a bit more stressful this year with a few added duties, I started my doctorate at the University of Southern California, and, well, life happened. While I am still pretty busy, I am going to make a commitment to keeping this blog updated in a more regular fashion. I can’t promise weekly, but I will try to post monthly.

That’s where I’ve been; now a little bit about where I’m going…

Although, this is only a hobby for me, it is a nice stress reliever and a way to connect with my readers, social media followers, and friends. I’ve been blogging for exactly 8 years and 6 days (my first blog post was June 6, 2010!).  I’ve blogged about books and planners (my first blog, Coffee & Literature), fashion and beauty (Southern Belle, City Style), technology (MacGirlTech), and I finally landed in the lifestyle space…I think. You see, I’ve never really nailed down what my niche is in blogging, but I hope to use my “me time” in the coming months to do that. I find that I am too interested in too many things, but that in the blogging world, that doesn’t always work if you don’t have a flair for it. But I’m working on it.

So, to everyone still reading, keep holding on…I’m getting there slowly!