My Top 10 Office Essentials

Whether you’re a blogger or a CEO, you’ve probably wondered what are the absolute essentials that are needed for my office.  Decorative, practical, functional, etc.–they’re all part of the necessities to make your office truly YOURS.  Today is a Monday, so why not give you some fun reading to start off your work week by listing my top 10 items that I HAVE to have in my office, both at home and at my day job (high school data coach).  So, here are my top items to have with me at all times in my office area:


10 Office Essentials
  1. Pencils:  YES! You will always need pencils, so why not have some cute ones in different colors and cute sayings.  Etsy has tons, or you can go the luxe route and check out places like Kate Spade.
  2. A Good Pen:  This one is a Mont Blanc, I believe, but you DO NOT have to buy a $200 pen.  Check out sites like Amazon, JetPens, Goldspot, and more for both expensive and affordable pens that can still be functional and spice up your office look.
  3. Coffee Mug:  I actually have 5 coffee mugs in my office at work…yeah…5.  Two Starbucks tumblers for coffee on the go.  Three regular coffee mugs that I switch up each day.  Cute coffee mugs make any office happy and make your morning (or afternoon) coffee so much more enjoyable!
  4. iPad, computer, etc.:  Technology.  I use my iPad, computer, and iPhone daily for both my job at the high school and my blog and other things.  I have my newspaper subscriptions and magazine subscriptions digitally available, my note taking apps for my iPad, my email, and so much more readily available.  I highly recommend the 9.7″ iPad pro if you’re in the market.  Look for a review and a what’s on my iPad video/blog post soon!
  5. Pen/Pencil Holder:  Everyone needs a cute pen/pencil holder for the desk!  I’ve used mugs, mint julep cups (seriously awesome for this!), and actual pen holders like this. Target, Etsy, antique shops, and office stores are great places to find these.
  6. Decorative Boxes, Trays, Holders, etc.:  If your office has a color scheme, having your mail trays, document trays, document holders, etc. match can make all the difference.  In my home office, I use a clear tray with a gold front on my glass desk that has gold accessories.
  7. Planner:  This is perhaps the one key item I HAVE to have in both of my offices.  I have a GM Louis Vuitton agenda that goes with me to both, along with a Corie Clark Purposeful Planner on my desk at home.  I also use an MM LV agenda and PM LV agenda for personal purposes.
  8. Notepad:  ESSENTIAL.  If you’re jotting down meeting notes, phone call messages, or to do lists, a notepad or sticky notes are both musts for your desk.  I go through a note pad a month at work because I do daily messages, to dos, and such on them.  I use a spiral bound one for this.  I also go through a ton of sticky notes.  You should see my desk!
  9. Stapler:  Ok, so this one should be a given, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget this item!  And having a really cute stapler to match your office decor makes this necessary functional item even better.  At work, I have the red Swingline from the movie Office Space and at home I use a pale pink and gold Swingline.  Also, don’t get a cheap one.  Make sure it is a quality brand.  It really does make a difference.
  10. Flowers (or other decor):  I have some beautiful silk flowers on my home office desk, and sometimes even splurge on some fresh flowers if I’m in the mood.  At work, I don’t have as much room at the moment, but I hope to get some fresh flowers or some succulents.  I do have several paintings on the walls or propped up on shelves, as well as some Parisian decor on my desk.  At home, I have several paintings, and I also hang my Chloe + Isabel jewelry on the wall to add to the decor.  Making your office more comfortable and pretty can always help the mundane tasks you may be working on!

Hopefully some of my top 10 office essentials will inspire you to get started working on your home or work office soon!  Now I need to go clean both of mine!