Rebranding (Almost) Complete

Welcome to the “new” blog! Ok, so it’s not really new, but I have rebranded. Instead of Magnolias & Mimosas, Southern Belle whatever, or some other “fun” name, I have chosen to rebrand with a name that I use more often than any other. My own name. After a LOT of thought and consideration, I chose to use my own name because in most everything else I do business-wise and writing-wise, I use my name. I wanted to mesh all of that together to create one place where everything could work. So, welcome to!

I’ve still got some tweaking to do on the blog layout and home page, but for the most part, everything is done. All of my social media follows suit and is also either @kristysherrod or kristysherrod, depending on the platform. You can find everything social media on the sidebar, including my snapchat snap code.

If you are worried that my blog content will change, don’t even think about that happening! I’ll still be posting the same great lifestyle-blogesque posts along with fashion, tech, and more. It’s just a great new name (and eventually look!)!

So, there is your update on what has been going on with the blog and whatnot. I hope you still enjoy as much as you did Magnolias & Mimosas! Happy Sunday!