Fashion Faux Pas? White After Labor Day

I know you’ve heard it.  white-after-labor-day“You CANNOT wear white after Labor Day!”  This is probably especially true if you were raised in a proper Southern home by a Southern mom and grandmother like I was.  I was told this from a VERY early age.  No white after Labor Day and not until Easter.  Up to a few years ago, I stuck to this rule with no variations.  BUT!  I’m here to tell you that you really can defy this archaic rule and wear those whites, baby!  Seriously, white can be a year round color in both your clothes and accessories.  You just have to style it in such a way where it is not too springy/summery.  It’s really not to hard, either.  I’ve created three looks paired with some Louis Vuitton handbags (I explain this in the next section, so you’ll understand why I chose that brand) and some featured fall Modern Muses pieces from Chloe + Isabel. Check them out!

This first look was actually inspired by a post in one of the Louis Vuitton Facebook groups where I’m a member.  The question was posed: “Do you carry your Damier Azur bags in the fall and winter?”  The question sparked quite a conversation, with many saying both yes and fallbluesno.  I said yes, and made some Polyvore sets to show how it works with fall and winter outfits.  And while this doesn’t show white in the actual clothes, the bag (a Speedy 30) is traditionally considered a spring bag.  The pattern is a pale bluish-gray and white checkerboard.  But if you notice, paired with a navy sweater and navy and silver statement pieces it looks fabulous!  The colors work extremely well together and blend in such a way that it makes a great fall and winter outfit.  It would work for both work and for a day of shopping with friends.  The statement pieces also make a simple outfit stand out, and will definitely make you be the center of attention.  If you don’t care for statement pieces, a simple silver or gold necklace and earrings would work great, as well.

This second look is one of my favorites.  I have an outfit similar to it and wear it a TON during burgundyandgoldthe fall and winter.  A burgundy, mauve, or maroon sweater paired with winter white pants will work for everyone.  I chose to pair this look with gold accessories with berry accents, a gold watch, snakeskin clutch, dark rose sunglasses, and dark red boots.  You could also pair this with nude or even black shoes–heels, boots, or even flats.  If you don’t want to carry a clutch, a bag in a complimentary color would look gorgeous.  This outfit is great for work or a business casual event where you want to look put together but with a little flair by choosing the statement necklace and snakeskin clutch.

tanandwhiteThe final look is probably my favorite because it is so casual chic.  White jeggings or straight leg jeans, tall dark brown or oxblood riding boots, and a tan sweater or a neutral color sweater (such as black or navy).  I also went a step further and paired it with the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag in Damier Azur.  The hat and jewelry make this look very boho chic and great for the weekends or casual days at work (although, unless you work in fashion, you might want to take the hat off inside!).  I actually can’t wait for it to get a little cooler here in the South so I can wear this exact outfit!  It is PERFECT for fall!

So, there you go! White after Labor Day–wearable, fashionable, and very chic.  These are just some ideas of wearing white after Labor Day, and I’d love to hear what you think or if you have a favorite “rebel” outfit that wouldn’t normally go with the current season, but you style it where it works all year round.  Leave a comment, send me a snap, or post on my Facebook page with your ideas!