Wednesday Work Chic: Comfortable Business Chic

With spring finally here, it’s time to update your business wardrobe to the fun colors and styles that it has to offer.  I posted one of my new favorite work/office outfits on Instagram yesterday so I wanted to also use it for this week’s Work Chic Wednesday.  I had a meeting in Memphis, which is a little bit of a drive from my house and my work, so I knew I needed to dress in my business best, but I still wanted to be comfortable.  I also wanted to make sure I wore something springy since the weather is now warmer and my mood is much more colorful.  One thing that I am definitely not in short of is black pants, but I did have a brand new pair of the Lane Bryant Sexy Stretch bootcut pants in the Sophie cut that I knew were 12923282_990536534395427_43424423133806496_ncomfy, so I chose those…now for a top to wear with them.  How do you make black pants great for spring? Put them with a spring colored top, of course!  I chose one of my light blue tops from one of my favorite designers, Karen Kane.  The top is just dressy enough for work or a meeting but still is comfy due to the soft fabric and flowy bottom.  I didn’t really want to wear my heels or wedges, so I opted for some simple black flats.  Along with my Tory Burch Ella Canvas & Leather tote and my Chloe + Isabel Heirloom Crystal necklace and bracelet, and my Apple Watch, I was ready for my short business trip.  Today, to change up this outfit a little, I did a quick Polyvore that has a slightly different top and some different jewelry from Chloe + Isabel from the Trevi collection that is also perfect for spring.  I, of course, added in a blinged-out rose gold iPhone case and the ever present coffee tumbler (Boss Lady, obviously!).  Check out this week’s Work Chic Wednesday Polyvore and my Instagram post to get some great ideas for your spring work wear!

Business Chic for Spring




  • Sunny Lloyd

    Love this! Is Tory Burch going to be “in” for the foreseeable future? (I’d really love to buy one of her tote bags, but I’m worried it may end up being like Coach in six months)

    • Kristy Sherrod

      Tory Burch has been in style for a while. She tries to make sure she is “on top” of trends and is considered to be more high end than Coach by many people. This tote is only $295 because it does have a canvas part on the sides to make it expandable. But you can get one that’s slightly less or quote a bit more, all depending on what you want to spend. Her bags and shoes are a good place to start for your first “designer” things. Her things may eventually go out of style but I don’t think that will happen for a long time mainly because her bags and shoes are so popular among the fashion blogger and Instagram fashion community.

    • Kristy Sherrod

      Also, if you want a good work tote that looks good enough to be a handbag, too. GRACESHIP has some great bags. It’s s company done by a woman in Louisville, and they’re great work bags. I did a review on here on the one I had a while back. You can see more of them at

      • Sunny Lloyd

        I love Tory Burch’s look due to her products’ maturity and versatility, and Graceship looks awesome too!
        Would you say that tote bags are more professional looking than a leather backpack or messenger bag? I’m slowly building a list of items to purchase when I enter the professional scene (I graduate in less than a month!), but I am having a hard time coming up with essentials to start off with.
        Thank you for your response!

        • Kristy Sherrod

          I think a nice looking messenger bag or backpack is good too. I think it’s more of a personal preference and functionality thing than style sometimes. If a messenger bag works best for your job, go sign that. I have the Small School Bag from Roots Canada that I love to use if my outfit is more casual. It all depends on what you’re going to be doing, I think. A backpack or messenger bag are both popular in lots of jobs on bigger cities because it makes commuting easier. But I think, depending on the style of the bag, they could work anywhere. Tote bags are nice because they can also double as more of a handbag/purse style if the majority of your outfits work with that style. If you browse the eBags website you can see lots of tote bag, messenger bag, and backpack options, too.