This Week on Magnolias & Mimosas

IMG_9622Happy Spring! I wanted to give a quick update on what is coming soon (hopefully, this week) on Magnolias & Mimosas!

Work Chic Wednesdays.   This will return this week!  I will be focusing on spring styles that are both appropriate for work and still stylish enough to go out after or to just look your best the whole day.  Currently, color blocking is one of my favorite classic looks, so be prepared for some of that to work its way into some posts.

Organization & Planning.  If you follow me on Instagram at either @kristysherrod or my planning Instagram @planwithkristy, you know I’m slightly planner obsessed.  I currently use more than one planner to organize work, home, business, etc., which might be a bit of overkill for some, but I will show you just how I make it work for me as well as some tips to help you figure out your own planning needs.

Apple Watch Review.  Yes, I know that it has been out for a year, but for the first time EVER for Apple iOS/iDevices, I was not an early adopter.  I got my apple watch on Valentine’s Day and have been in LOVE with it!  I’ll be posting a review about my thoughts on how it is great and how it could be better, as well as what I hope to see in the Apple Watch 2 that will eventually come out.

That’s just a preview of what will be coming this week on Magnolias & Mimosas, so make sure you stay tuned!