Happy New (Hair, Makeup, Life) Year!

First, let me apologize that it’s been so long (oh, about 2 months) since I’ve posted on Magnolias & Mimosas! When you’re a full time data coach/testing coordinator for a high school, and state testing happens for those two months, you go a little crazy!  Now that my sincerest apologies have been made, I thought I’d start the new year with a post about some beauty fun and life in general.

New Hair!

New Hair!

So, as I tend to do every few months or so, I decided to change up my hairstyle.  I have a graduated/angled bob and basically, I got it a tad shorter with some more layers.  My stylist, Jenni, does a FANTASTIC job, which is why I’ve followed her from one city to another and drive almost an hour to get my hair cut.  I think this is much more me and more sophisticated.  It’s also very easy to take care of with it only needing flat ironing a little.  She also tinted my eyebrows since they are almost non-existent thanks to a bad Benefit Brow Bar incident.  This pic is with no filling in on my brows at all.  So, thanks, Jenni, for doing an awesome job as always!

I also realized I was almost out of my go-to Chanel foundation. GASP!  What is a girl to do when the nearest Chanel counter is over an hour and a half away? You go to the new Sephora and let them do a foundation makeover and a little smoky eye, too.  Our Sephora is actually one of the little ones inside JcPenney, BUT did you know that you can use JcP gift cards in those Sephoras AND online at jcpenney.com?  You can!  I was excited about this since I was given some JcP gift cards for Christmas.  ANYWAY, so I didn’t really know what foundation I needed to switch to, so I said I had heard good things about Make Up Forever (MUFE) and NARS because I had used both of their products before.  We tested several products and did their skink IQ thingy, which actually didn’t match my skin properly. But my makeup artist was very knowledgable, and I ended up going with the CoverFX cream to powder foundation and added on the MUFE HD translucent powder for a finished touch if I wanted it.  I am wearing it in the pic above, and I will say that the CoverFX is AWESOME.  I highly recommend it if you want full coverage foundation.  The HD powder also adds a little “finish” to it if you have time, but it isn’t needed at all.

On to the great job she did with a brown smoky eye…I have always wanted to know how to apply this look properly, and Lindsey (the awesome artist) showed me how, and I’ve been able to recreate it twice.  I’m such a pro!  She let me pick the palette, and she did most of the work, but I was able to do some of it so I’d be able to go home and recreate it.

Urban Decay Smoky Palette Brown Smoky Eye

Urban Decay Smoky Palette Brown Smoky Eye

I chose Urban Decat’s Naked Smoky palette since I am a huge fan of the other UD Naked Palettes (read:  I own them all except this one, and I will soon be buying it.)  She showed me how to apply the shadows from lightest (at the brow bone) to darkest instead of the other way around.  By doing this you get a more even look and can blend MUCH easier with, IMO, less fallout.  We used all UD shadows, but I can’t remember which.  Sorry!  She also showed me how to stipple my blush so it looks like you’ve contoured when you really haven’t!  (shhhh!!!)

Naked Basics (Semi) Smoky Eye w/ MAC's Satin Taupe as the top layer on the lid.

Naked Basics (Semi) Smoky Eye w/ MAC’s Satin Taupe as the top layer on the lid.

I recreated it for my New Year’s Eve Look with a little less gold shadow using my Naked Basics 1 Palette.  I added MAC’s Satin Taupe as the last layer on the lid to add a little more neutral gray-brown to it, plus that is probably my favorite color outside of the UD shadows.  I think I did quite a good job.  Since this was my daytime look, I didn’t want to go so bold with the colors, and this really makes a good everyday smoky eye that can be worn to work and then freshened up a bit with either a darker shadow, a more metallic shadow, and a tad more smoky look under the eye if you want to go for a night out.

I’m hoping to do a few more detailed makeup looks on here soon, especially if I can grab the Naked Smoky Palette soon.  You can also see them on my Instagram (check out the bottom of the page for links and pics).  I also hope to get back on YouTube soon with some beauty, fashion, and organization videos now that things have slowed down some.  So, I hope all my readers have a wonderful 2016 and look for more to come on Magnolias & Mimosas!