October Glossybox: Hello, Paris!

IMG_6846I recently restarted my Glossybox subscription and received the October box this past week.  I had unsubscribed because I didn’t think I’d really use the items in the boxes, but I found that I really missed getting the boxed each month and the items since I had found several I liked.  This month’s box was my first one since renewing my subscription.  And I am SO happy with it!

Before I get into this month’s box, I’ll explain a little about Glossybox.  It is a subscription beauty box with usually higher end products in it that for $21 each month, you get sent right to your door.  The products and the box itself are very nice and most of the boxes can double as storage and decor.  For the $21 you get samples and some full-size products along with a description of what they are, so you get a great deal for some nicer products that you might not normally use.  I highly recommend subscribing to Glossybox as you really get quality products for your monthly subscription.

Each item in the box is a beauty item from France, and since I LOVE everything French and use several French beauty products I was ecstatic that this was October’s theme.  I was also happy to see that the prices of the full sized items were not overly expensive as some Glossybox items are.  So, without any more talk, let’s get straight to the reviews!

IMG_0561The first item I used was the Sabe Masson solid perfume.  I love the packaging and the fragrance is a subtle floral without being too overpowering.  I normally wear Jo Malone fragrance, but I love this for something to keep in my handbag.  I also like that it is all-natural and doesn’t contain alcohol or parabens.  The full size is only $25, which isn’t bad at all.

IMG_1863Also included is La Roche-Posay’s Redermic[R] anti-aging cream.  It can be used with or without moisturizer and can be used as a makeup base.  I did like this product, and it felt very nice and smooth on my skin.  I currently use Clarins skin products, another French brand, so I would consider trying this brand when I’m out of my night cream from Clarins.  At $57, it is on the more expensive side but I’ve found that with skin creams, you get what you pay for, so I always recommend going with the more expensive brands. Your skin will thank you.

IMG_9189I was excited to see that there were two skin products included in my Glossybox this time.  The next one was the Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel with rose petals.  I don’t normally use an exfoliating gel, but I thought why not since it was included!  I actually really liked this gel.  It wasn’t too rough, as can be with some exfoliating gels and washes.  My skin did feel very smooth and not too red after using it.  I liked that it was for sensitive skin as I do tend to be very sensitive to certain products on my face.  A full sized version of this will only cost you $24.

IMG_1840IMG_5685The last two products were a red nail polish from Lollipops Makeup Paris and a red lip gloss from De Bruyere Paris.  I have not gotten to try the nail polish on my nails but I have used it on a tester card and found that the red is a very vibrant red that will look good on almost all skin tones. Red nails are always in style, so red polish should be a staple in every girl’s beauty routine.  A full size bottle is $10.  The lip gloss may be my favorite product out of this month’s box, mainly because I like that it is red but not too overly red that it stands out too much.  For a gloss, it is very highly-pigmented but also goes on smooth and even so you can see if you have on too much or too little.  I looks great by itself (see my lips!) or over another red lipstick.  A full size tube is $17.50, which is great for this quality of product.

I’m extremely happy that I have resubscribed to Glossybox again, and I can’t wait to get November’s box!  Also, Glossybox does a special holiday box, too, so keep watching their website!

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