Wednesday Work Chic – First Day of Fall

Work Chic 2Sometimes finding just the right outfit for work can be a bit of a challenge.  Right, ladies?  We have all worked somewhere that we need to be dressed well, dressed in business casual outfits, etc., and at times, finding just the right combination or the appropriate attire can be difficult.  We don’t want to look too matronly, and you don’t want to look too young, and you definitely don’t want to look like you are going clubbing!  For us bigger girls, it can really be difficult as many of the plus size “fashions” (I use that term loosely, especially with the selection we have in my area…) are either a tad too “old woman-ish” for anyone younger or too young to be appropriate for a business or work place.  Most businesses won’t allow jeans, no matter how stylish, and many don’t allow sleeveless or tank-top like shirts, which is sometimes what you see most often in some of the specialty stores.  Non plus-size ladies, I’m not leaving you out either!!  I know you have the same issues, too!  It seems as if work appropriate clothing is becoming less and less common because many larger cities are going REALLY business casual.

Here in the South, however, you still are expected to dress appropriately in true business casual wears for your daily tasks.  But most of us Southern Belles also still want to be chic and stylish, too!  Working in a semi-administrative position in a school and even when I was a classroom teacher, I always felt as if you should try to keep your outfits more on the business casual side most of the time.  Even on “jeans days” I will often wear a stylish, but appropriate top and cute shoes instead of the more comfy t-shirt and sneakers.  Believe me, I’m not knocking those!  I love me some comfy jeans and a t-shirt, but sometimes you just want to feel chic!

So, I have come to the rescue with “Wednesday Work Chic” where I will be featuring some appropriate business attire collages using the fantastic site called Polyvore as well as featuring some real-life photos of me in my work attire.  So, here we go with one of my Polyvore sets that will go easily with any job in the business world!

e056f1a8473d62a1668e3c963a7acf58This is a set I created that showcases some subtle fall colors, while still keeping a softer look with the blush tones, as well.  I find that simple black pants with a bootcut work great for work. They aren’t plain black slacks, and they still look great with many things.  Pair those with a stylish top and then accessorize!  The top here is a Calvin Klein top that is actually a plus size top.  It is available in this patter and also in a blush and grey snake-print.  I have both and have gotten a TON of compliments!  I have also put some black pumps with a gold heel.  These are still work-appropriate, but show a little flair with the heel.  The jewelry is a mix of my Chloe + Isabel pieces from our new fall line and the always fantastic Alex + Ani charm bracelets.  Carry a bag that compliments the outfit but that doesn’t have to match exactly.  This Michael Kors bag works great!  A bold burgundy lip color and some gorgeous fall nail colors with a gold watch bring the entire outfit together in a chic, stylish ensemble.

See!  Being stylish and still work appropriate without being too old or too young is as easy as pumpkin pie!