Welcome to Magnolias & Mimosas!

Mimosa-cocktail-made-with-Prosecco-and-orange-juice-900x600After a lot of thought and some soul searching, I have finally decided what my true “passion” really is…lifestyle blogging with a touch of fashion and style thrown in.  Those are the blogs I read the most, and that is what has interested me over the years, especially the fashion part!  So, Magnolias & Mimosas is born!

I’m a true Southerner (Southern Belle, if you will), and that’s where the “Magnolias” came from and who doesn’t like mimosas!  So, I thought what better to go together than a Southern staple in both garden and home!  I hope to focus mainly on fashion, lifestyle things, beauty, books, with a few other things thrown in (Real Housewives, anyone?). So I hope you enjoy this new take on what I hope to be a successful blogging venture!

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Happy reading!