Filofax Compact Regency – 2013 Setup

Hello, all!  Recently I did a YouTube video about my Compact Regency Filofax as requested by a few Filofax fans on twitter.  In it I explain how I set up my Compact Regency & how I choose what goes in my regency.  I will soon be doing a blog post about my Regency, too, but until then I wanted to post the video so you could all see it.  BTW, it is my very first Filofax video on YouTube!  Enjoy!


  • Thanks!! I still think I have a bit too much in there but it works so far! 🙂 and I do love the pocket layout! I have a holborn, too, and the pockets were why I bought it! The heart stickers came from paperchase. Shipping to the US is crazy from them so one of the nice members of the philofaxy community bought them in the UK and sent them to me. 🙂

  • Amy Wendt

    Great video! You have fit a lot of information nicely into the compact, I'm impressed 🙂 My Holborn has a similar pocket layout and I use that first side pocket a lot! I love the heart stickers, where did you find those?