What’s in my Personal Regency?

It’s here!!  My first “official” filofax post on Coffee & Literature.  So exciting!!!  I know you are just as excited as I am, right???  Thought so!  🙂  For my first “official” post I wanted to do a sort of introductory filofax/what’s in my filofax post.  I just got a new Personal Regency in Brown, and I LOVE it.  But it does have a small ring issue on the third top ring, so sadly, I think it may be going back next week (Filofax, please work on quality control of rings!!!).  But I do have a Compact Regency I can use until I get a replacement. Anyway…here’s how I’m using my filofax at the moment.

Here’s my beauty! I really love this filofax.  The leather is so soft and has an ostrich type pattern on it.  It lies COMPLETELY flat out of the box, which is one of my ideal filofax qualities.

Here’s what you see  when you first open her up:  I keep my student ID (grad school), a cute panda gift card, some sticky tabs, a modeS4U business card, some random gift cards, and some of my business cards are tucked in the long pocket.  On the clear flyleaf I’ve decorated it with some stickers–pandas (my favorite!!), sock monkeys, Bambi, Pooh Bear, etc.  The pink glitter behind it is just a piece of card I cut into a divider.

Moving on…I’ve got some cute colorful star stickers and the personal filofax organizer stickers.  I use the stars for blog posts and the organizer stickers for, well, what they’re intended for.  You can also see my sheet where I keep up with my washi tape to see what I’ve bought.

For my diary, I use month to view and week to view in 2 pages per week, cotton cream.  I love the paper quality on the cotton cream.  I use stickers and stamps and washi tape to decorate the inside of my diary.  I love my Hello Kitty stamps!

I also keep a few A4 size sheets in my filofax for necessary purposes and I just fold and punch holes in these so they fit.  Easy as pie!

And finally (I do have other stuff in there but it’s rather boring) I have a clear envelope in the back where I keep vouchers, receipts, tickets, stickers, everything.  Here is what is currently in the back pocket: neon arrows, Spongebob stickers, metallic star stickers, colored dots, a voucher for an Etsy seller, my ticket from Condoleezza Rice’s speech at my university, and my Aerosmith/Cheap Trick ticket from last week (so much fun!!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little filofax tour!  Let me know in the comments what you thought and also any other posts you’d like to see.  I also have a YouTube channel that only has one or two non-filofax related videos on it now, so let me know if there are any videos you’d like to see, too!  Happy planning!