Review: These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen

A book about friendship, love, and New York City…. Does it get any better? I think not! With her third book, Sarah Pekkanen captures the lives of three women–Renee, Cate, & Abby–two of whom work at a fashion/beauty/celebrity magazine called Gloss (think InStyle), and one that has come to New York to escape. Pekkanen truly captures the lives of these women and captivates the audience as she takes us through their lives, both past and present. I was unsure of this tactic as I’ve read similar novels before and gotten lost as to which character was which, but Pekkanen captures each character beautifully and you become enthralled in their lives as if they were each one of your best friends.

Renee (admittedly, my favorite) can’t seem to find her place in NYC or at Gloss. She becomes addicted to diet pills after being slated to get the job as beauty editor. We follow her as she looks at her past and future and tries to decide where she really fits in. Cate, the pretty features editor of the magazine, seems to be the typical NYC magazine writer and fits in perfectly with the exception that she doesn’t feel as if she truly does deserve her job or her opportunities because she left college so abruptly to escape. Similarly, Abby, the “new girl”, really has come to New York to escape. The sister of the only guy you ever really get to know (Trey), Abby is really an intriguing mystery until almost the end of the novel. I love how Pekkanen gives us her story in so many bits and pieces that you aren’t quite sure what to think of her or her past. Great characterization!

I haven’t really been a reader of “chick lit” in the past, but this book may have changed my mind. You see friendships grow, love blossom and wilt, and lives intertwined that create a true-to-life novel that will leave you feeling as if you are the fourth “girl” in the book!

I highly recommend this novel for a good anytime read. So sit back with a glass of wine (or coffee, of course) and enjoy These Girls!