Review: Colbie Caillat’s “All of You”

Get ready for the always enjoyable pick-me-up, feel good, beach ready music that made her famous with a few beautiful love songs thrown in.  Colbie Caillat’s new album “All of You” definitely doesn’t disappoint!  After waiting paitiently for iTunes to tell my pre-ordered album was ready, I anziously waitied as the seconds ticked by while I was downloading “All of You.”  I can safely say that I am really loving this album right now, so let’s go through the tracks & I’ll tell you what I think!

1. Brighter Than the Sun: Great upbeat track to make anyone feel good.  I’ve been listening to it for a while and will continue to as it just makes me happy!  I won’t say much on this one and “I Do” since they’ve been out for a while.

2.  I Do: Cute track that will always remind me of the Royal Wedding and my own wedding and just being in love.

3. Before I Let You Go: Upbeat song about knowing you’re the right one for someone and never letting go.  Follows the theme of the album about love.  Great beat & lyrics.

4.  Favorite Song ft. Common:  At first, this is an unlikely combo, but Colbie & Common really do a great job with the Reggae-esque beat.  This song will make you want to run away to the islands!

5.What If: Easily my favorite on the whole album since this is the reason I wanted it.  Featured in the movie ‘Letters to Juliet’, this song has been on the list of every Colbie fan for a while.  It doesn’t seem to sound exactly like the movie version, but it is close enough that this is sure to be a huge favorite among listeners.  It will be on repeat in my car for a LONG time.

6. Shadow: Starting out as a very light, almost acoustic tune, this song seems to represent the carefree attitude that makes Colbie’s music so popular.  It then breaks into an faster, more upbeat chorus that is quite catchy.  Sort of the opposite of the other songs as it is about telling someone to go & that you can still be strong without them.

7. Think Good Thoughts: Starting out as another beachy-island song, this is the bubbly tune we love to hear from Colbie.  Carefree and cool, this is a great song for the beach.

8. Like Yesterday: A love song of sorts about remembering a past love.  A great beat to it.  Definitely a good song to accompany you on a drive or bike ride through the country.

9. All of You: This song to me has a little bit of a modern country beat, which Colbie uses well. Again upbeat & I would definitely expect this one to be used in a good romance or romantic comedy soon.

10. Dream Life, Life: All about making life great and your own dream.  “All we have is this life, so make it be what you want” is the ending lyric of the chorus and I love it.  This is a great song to listen to if you need a pick me up after a bad day at work or just any day.  It will make you really want to enjoy life!

11. What Means the Most: One of the slower songs on the album, this one is well placed within the album selection after “Dream Life, Life”.  It is a beautiful song about loving the one you are with and that being all you need.  If this song had been around when I got married, it would have definitely been in my wedding.  I actually cried listening to it & I’m not ashamed to admit that!  Great love song–anyone planning a wedding, check this song out!

12. Make it Rain: The second slower song, it really complements “What Means the Most”.  This one is a great love song about true love.  Lyrics like “I’ll keep wanting you for one more kiss” make some of the great romantic movies like “Sweet Home Alabama” pop in my head and just make me happy!


13. Stereo: Peppy love song about the simple things in love & life.  A good song to play when you and your true love want to dance, spend some time together on the front porch or deck, or just to remind yourself how much you love someone.

14. Maria: If I had to pick a least favorite song on the album, it would pick this one. It is a great upbeat song about a girl, love at first sight, etc., but I don’t think it really fits with Colbie’s normal tunes.  I don’t really dislike it, but I will definitely play the others more than this one. Colbie, of course, sounds great singing it, but I am a bigger fan of the rest of the album.

I definitely recommend everyone picking up this album.  It is what we love about Colbie Caillat’s great voice and bubbly songs, but these seem to go really deep in their meanings, too.  So head over to iTunes and grab a copy!