RHONY: Not so sweet sixteen

On last Thursday’s episode of Real Housewives of New York we were given a slight taste of the “next generation” of spoiled, pretentious, yet stylish housewives.  This came in the form of the cutthroat competition of sweet sixteen parties in addition to Jill’s surprise birthday bash, which even featured LuAnn donning what Ramona referred to as “drag queen” attire.  Surprisingly, there seemed to be no drama during this event.  We had the same old discussions as the last time over Sonja’s debt & bankruptcy as well as Ramona impersonating Jill…badly.

We were then treated to the planning, drama, and atmosphere of both Ramona’s daughter Avery’s & the Countess’ daughter Victoria’s Sweet Sixteen birthday parties.  You’d think that this would have been an episode covered in drama, drama, drama, but for most viewers, it was shockingly boring.  We had the same old discussions as the last time over Sonja’s debt & bankruptcy as well as the usual Ramona v. Jill “lets make fun of each other” bitch-fest with Ramona impersonating Jill…badly.  We did get to see a pretty interesting side of Avery, however, when she and Ramona were at odds over her party.  Can we say mini-me?

Speaking of those Sweet Sixteens…

For Victoria’s party, we were shown a drastic change as we were thrown into basically a teen club complete with dancing, grinding, and mocktails.  Much more teenagery than the competing party.  It was fun from the looks of it.  Victoria seemed to really enjoy it, so I suppose that’s all that matters, right?  Most of the housewives showed up for Victoria’s & danced the night away until it was time to head to Avery’s “Winter Wonderland” themed party, complete with
bedssitting areas where the 16 year olds could party it up.  It was quite pretty, but not what I would think of for a Sweet Sixteen party.  But Avery seemed to love it and even tweeted about it after the show, thanking her mom & dad for such a great party.

The end of the evening took us to the husbands, Simon & Bobby, getting into a bit of an argument over Simon’s Jill Zarin hater website.  Of course, Simon says he has no involvement in the site, but I guess we will see on this week’s episode which looks to be full of drama & a contrast to the weirdly boring episode I’ve recapped here.  Stay tuned for a recap of this week’s episode on Thursday or Friday!