Best of 2011 (so far…)-Armchair BEA, Day 2

I’m thoroughly enjoying being a participant in Armchair BEA so far this year!  Normally, I would love posting my favorite books of the year that I have read, but, sadly, I’ve not been the best book blogger in the world, and I’ve only read & reviewed three books on my blog since 1-1-11.  Sad, I know, but being a full time teacher sometimes doesn’t help matters!  I will say, however, that the three books I did read were really good.

So, what were they?  Here are the three I read along with links to my reviews on them in no particular order.

My 2011 Books (so far…)

  • Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don’t Float:  Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook – “Elizabeth threw a sheep at Mr. Darcy.”  This is only one of the many hilarious lines from the Sarah Schmelling’s book Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don’t Float:  Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook.     Schmelling has brilliantly taken our obsession with social networking and applied it to some of our favorite authors and characters from classic literature.
  • Being Light – This book is definitely a different comedy novel than I’ve read before.  We begin with our “main character” Roy, who happens to be suddenly swept away by a strong gust of wind while trying to install one of those bouncy castles (You know, the ones you can’t keep the kids off of at the fair, flea market, etc.).  So, Roy is swept away to former circus performer/trainer Sylvia’s farm.  Roy actually believes that he has made it to heaven.  Smith’s description of Roy’s views of the farm really make you see how dumbfounded Roy is at his circumstance, making for a wonderfully funny story.
  • On Writing – Being an aspiring writer, I am always looking for tips and books to help me make my stories, poems, and novels even better. King’s memoir does just that. I call it a memoir because, first of all, he does in the title of his book, and also because he has kindly included different stories from his own life to help the reader understand how to become a better writer.

Books I’m looking forward to in 2011: Some of these aren’t being or weren’t published this year, but I am planning to read them soon!

I’ve got tons more that I want to read, but this at least gives you a taste of what I’m looking forward to reading!  What books are you going to be lounging with this year?