Armchair BEA

After this week, I’ll be off for the summer and I’ll finally get to some of the reading & blogging I’ve put off these last few months. So, how am I going to kick off my back-to-blogging summer?  With Armchair BEA! What is this I speak of you ask?  It is a virtual book blogging convention that follows Book Expo America & the Book Blogger Convention.  Obviously, since I won’t be off work until the end of the week I can’t attend the real convention in NYC, so this is perfect.

There is an official agenda for the virtual convention bloggers beginning on May 23 to May 27.  There will be daily themes, interviews with bloggers, giveaways, and more.  So if you’re a book blogger, check it out!  Make sure to keep checking back on Coffee & Literature for updates and my contributions to the daily posts!