Facebook, Classic Literature, and a Whole Lot of Humor

“Elizabeth threw a sheep at Mr. Darcy.”  This is only one of the many hilarious lines from the Sarah Schmelling’s book Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don’t Float:  Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook.     Schmelling has brilliantly taken our obsession with social networking and applied it to some of our favorite authors and characters from classic literature.  I actually discovered this book after reading a fabulous review of it on English Major’s Junk Food.

I must say that I was not disappointed when I decided to purchase it as an eBook for my new Barnes & Noble nook.  Each one of the sections (with titles such as ‘Oedipus has some things to talk over with his wife’ & ‘F. Scott Fitzgerald beat on, a boat against a current, borne back ceaselessly against the past.’) contains mini-sections dealing with either authors of books.  And I have to say that Schmelling’s interpretation of what these classic people would have said if they had a facebook account is completely accurate.  She even manages to make the not so funny (Romeo & Juliet, for example) hilarious!

I, like many who have read this book, skipped around to read the books and authors that I am familiar with, and the way the book is organized definitely helps with this.  Just so you have a little taste of what this book has to offer, let me give you one of my favorite examples, from the section on Pride & Prejudice:
Mrs. Bennet hacked all of her daughters accounts.
Mrs. Bennet changed all of her daughters’ Relationship Statuses to “SINGLE REALLY SINGLE!”
Mr. Darcy is new to Hertfordshire.  Suggest friends for Mr. Darcy.
        Bridget Jones: Me! Me! Me! Me!
        Mr. Darcy: I don’t need friends

That’s just a quick taste, but I definitely think anyone who enjoys classic lit, teaches lit, or remembers books you read in high school (even if you hated them at the time) will enjoy this book.  Schmelling takes our modern day obsession with technology to a classic level with her book.  I highly recommend it to, well, to anyone!

Coffee & Literature gives this book a solid A.