Wednesday Poetry Café (December 8)

Welcome to another Poetry Cafe on Coffee & Literature.  I’m actually writing this from Starbucks, so I guess it is fitting that today is Poetry Cafe day!  Ok, back on topic…This week’s poem comes from  It is entitled “The Passage” and is written by Michael Christiansen.  This poem is short, but quite deep, in my opinion.  It speaks to the soul, and one can interpret it in many ways.  So I say “Bravo!” to Michael for a very insightful and deep work.  So, for your enjoyment, here is “The Passage.”

“The Passage” by Michael Christiansen

Actions taken

thoughts, deep pondering

vision’s cost?

minds are wondering.

life plays out

options ending…

of choices seen,

wounds need mending 

the drama closes

lights are dimming…

another soul

seeks eternal cleansing.