Monday Musings: NaNoWriMo Update

Well, I’m trucking along in my quest to write 50,000 in 30 days.  As of right now, I have a little over 12,000 words written in my book, which has yet to be titled.  To keep up with my daily count, I need to write around 1667 words per day.   Honestly 50,000 is not a lot for one book, and I’m expecting that I will continue to write for a while longer so that I can turn out a decent amount of words and so I can tweak what I’ve already done.  I will give you a short synopsis of the book in a “back cover” type of style to hopefully get a few people interested:

Katharine Archer moves to the small town of Wisdom Point, Tennessee, to take part in the elite graduate program at Dayton College. She seems to fit in perfectly and loves the small town life; she even meets a great guy and some good friends. But what Katie doesn’t know is that her new love of Wisdom Point runs deeper than just feeling like she’s at home in the small town. She’ll discover that she is connected to the places and people of Wisdom Point more than she could ever imagine.

The book is actually a supernatural mystery/thriller mixed in with a little twist on history, too.  I’ve categorized it as a Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Novel on NaNoWriMo.  A little more of a teaser, here is a short excerpt from the novel so far:

            Katie opened her laptop again so she could get started with some work.  A few minutes into typing up her research on the house, the waitress walked over to refill Katie’s tea.  She placed a napkin next to the glass.  Katie noticed that the napkin had some writing on the underside.  She turned it over.  Welcome home, Katie.  She looked up.  The waitress was going on about her business.  Katie assumed she didn’t write it.  No one else in the restaurant looked as if they would have either.  Katie walked up to the counter.  “Excuse me,”  she called to the waitress.

            “Yeah?”  She sounded a bit annoyed.

            “Um, you put this napkin on my table.”  She handed the napkin to the waitress.  “Can you tell me who wrote that?”

            The waitress read the message.  “No.  Sorry.  I just picked it up from the stack there.”  She pointed to the supply of napkins.  “Maybe you’ve got an admirer,” she winked.

            “Yeah, maybe that’s it,”  Katie lied.  She wasn’t sure what the message meant, but she was fairly sure it wasn’t from an admirer.  For some reason, Katie felt like this was an ominous message from someone.  Why would the napkin say Welcome home of all things?  And who would know her name?  Alex was the only one she’d seen in the café that she knew, and she’d watched him pay and leave.  No, it couldn’t have been him.  Katie sat back down at her table.  She took out her planner and folded the napkin so it would fit in the pocket.  She finished her meal, all the time constantly thinking about the strange message.  She packed up her things, paid, and left, walking toward number three Oak Street.  When she reached the house, she still had no idea what to make of the napkin and its strange message.

            She dropped her satchel on the couch and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.  While the water was heating to boil, she sat down on the sofa chair in the family room.  Welcome home, Katie.  The message kept running through her mind over and over.  The strange handwriting.  It was written in ink.  It wasn’t modern block print or even cursive.  It looked like the handwriting she’d seen on the old documents she’d used when researching her undergraduate thesis at Harvard.  Welcome home, Katie.  As the kettle whistled in the kitchen, Katie still couldn’t get it out of her mind that this message wasn’t welcoming her at all.

So, there you go.  I think that is one of the better parts I’ve written so far.  What do you think?  Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Happy reading & writing!