The eReader Wars Part 2

I knew it would happen eventually, and this week it did.  Barnes & Noble officially released the much anticipated new version of the Nook–the NOOKColor.  And I have to say, the preview of it on the B&N website is quite mouthwatering.  With a 7″ color touchscreen (yes, it is a backlit screen) and 8GB 6,000 book capacity (expandable up to 32GB), the newest eReader has infiltrated both the eReader market and tablet market.  Built on Google’s Android technology, you know this one will be a hit.  But how does it compare to the current eReader competition, the newest Amazon Kindle? Since the new Nook doesn’t have 3G capabilities (which, in my opinion, isn’t really a big deal for an eReader or even a tablet–Wi-Fi is everywhere), I’m comparing it to the regular Kindle.  This isn’t an actual review of the NOOKColor, nor of the Kindle since I don’t yet own either, so I’m going on the specs and what I’ve seen on the ‘Net.  So how does NOOKColor fare?  Let’s see…

Amazon Kindle:

  • E-Ink® display (claim of 50% better contrast than other eReaders)
  • 8.5 ounces
  • Stores up to 3,500 books
  • Download books via Wi-Fi in 60 seconds
  • Web-Kit based browser
  • Over 1.8 million free, out-of-copyright books
  • Wi-Fi connects to AT&T hotspots
  • Share passages via built-in Twitter and Facebook
  • Free 3G wireless
  • 4GB internal storage (3G available for user content)
  • Price: $139, available at and Target

The Barnes & Noble NookColor :
  • 7″ VividView™ Color Touchscreen
  • Claim of Reduced Glare & optimum brightness for any reading condition
  • 8GB (up to 6,000 eBooks) storage, expandable up to 32GB
  • Holds 100 hours of audio music, watch videos in MP4 format
  • Read for up to 8 hours (wireless off)
  • Built-in Wireless
  • Personalized wallpaper
  • Pandora® internet radio
  • Games
  • Media Gallery
  • Over 2 million titles available
  • Newspapers & magazines in color
  • Enjoy kids’ picture books in color
  • LendMe™ Technology
  • NOOKfriends™
  • NOOKbook Personal Shopping™
  • Read NOOKbooks for free in-store
  • Color web surfing
  • NOOKextras™ (think Andriod apps; NOOKdeveloper™ develops the extras)
  • Variety of covers & accessories
  • Create, edit and view Microsoft® Office files including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also transfer PDF and ePub files to NOOKcolor and JPG photos for your own personalized wallpaper.
  • Price: $249; available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble; will be available soon at Walmart & BestBuy

So, which one wins in my opinion?  You guessed it (especially if you read the first post on The eReaders Wars)….the NOOKColor!  NOOKColor is modern, sleek, and overall the most impressive eReader out there for 2010 and probably for 2011, too.  It is easily the new leader of the eReader market, in my opinion.  Obviously Barnes & Noble took their time developing it in order to be able to compete with both the growing tablet market & the shrinking eReader market.  Even with the introduction of the new Kindle and with it being available to actually see now (at Target), the Nook is clearly winning, I think, with the new version.  Having tried the original Nook in store, I was always a fan of it over the Kindle simply for that reason.  Having gotten to “try” the Kindle at Target, I was not impressed.  Now with the NOOKColor, I say Barnes & Noble has the hold on the eReader market at the moment, and I don’t expect it fall from the top any time soon.  Bravo, B & N!

Now…if only I can get one!!!