Monday Musings: Site & Blog Recommendations

I don’t usually make posts recommending other sites, simply because I don’t normally have a chance to browse often, but I wanted to give my readers a chance to see some of the sites or articles that have intrigued me since I’ve been blogging.

Top 5 Blogs That I Read Most Often:
1.  English Major’s Junk Food.  Ash’s great blog sort of inspired me to begin reviewing books, which was something that I’d wanted to do for a long time.  Her site is great, and she is very honest about her reviews, and they are quite enjoyable to read.  I highly recommend reading her blog!
2.  Book Chick City.  This is another great blog that has great book reviews and features such as “Where Stories are Made” and  “Cover Crush.”  Carolyn (the blogger) has created an awesome site that Book Chicks like me can enjoy!
3.  Petit Fours and Hot Tamales.  This is actually a writers’ blog that features a writer friend of mine.  They state it best when they say, “Our blog serves a selection of writing and reading styles to satisfy any palate, from sweet inspiration to hot and spicy and everything in between.”  They have reads and reviews on their site.  I definitely recommend checking these ladies out!
4.  SuperWriterMom.  This is the blog of my writer friend.  She is a really great writer, and it is wonderfully entertaining to read about the antics that go on in her life with her two children.  You can also follow the progress of her writing, as well.
5.  Stephanie’s Written Word.  Stephanie really does a great job with her blog.  She even hosts the “Everything Austen” challenges that have become popular among other book bloggers.  You can find anything from reviews to special guest posts on her site.

I also want to recommend an article that was brought to my attention that I think all my bookish readers will enjoy.  It is called “Famous Last Words:  50 All-Time Best Last Lines in Literature.”  This article is great for those of us who love to quote from books and love to just know quotes from books.  Many authors choose to make either the very first or the very last line in a novel the most important.  After all, the thing that is remembered most often is either the first or last thing said or read.  How many of us remember the last line of the epic tale of war and romance, Gone With the Wind?  I bet you do…”After all, tomorrow is another day” is what is said by Scarlett as she realizes that she must fight to get Rhett back.  From the Bible to To Kill a Mockingbird, this article has something for every taste.  Go check it out!

On a side note, I’ve got several reviews that will be coming this week and next so keep a look-out!  Happy reading!