Monday Musings: Reviews, Writing, & Resolutions

I’ve been able to finally relax a little this weekend with the short “fall break” that I had from work.  I was able to finish both Ariel and To Kill a Mockingbird and post reviews on them.  I slacked off a bit on the two books I’m reading that I’m also teaching to my students, Into Thin Air and Pride & Prejudice.  I had hoped to finish them this weekend and then go back and skim to make notes to use in class.  If any of you are teachers, do you agree that it is much harder to read and make notes on a book at the same time than to read simply for the sake of reading or for pleasure?  I love both Into Thin Air and Pride & Prejudice, but re-reading them in order to teach them makes it so much harder!  Maybe it’s just me!

On another note, I’m hoping to being work on a short story or two soon.  I’m hoping I will eventually be able to get them published, but I will just be glad to get one written that I deem presentable in my own mind.  I’ve got several good ideas for some stories, so I hope they turn out well.  We shall see!

Change of pace for a second here…  I want to talk a bit about resolutions.  I, like so many others, always make New Years resolutions.  Losing weight, being more organized, reading more, etc.  How many of us actually stick to those?  How many times have I said, “Yep, this is it.  I’m going to lose those pounds” or “I’m going to read X books this year”?  Of course, I didn’t stick to them like I wish I had.  But I’m also one to make resolutions in the middle of the year or late in the year, too.  Right now, I’ve got several that I’m sharing with you…(1)  To read more, review more, and post more.  This one is actually three meshed into one.  I feel as if I slack off on my reading because I am too busy or I feel too stressed, when, in reality, reading helps me calm down and relax a bit.  You’d think I would learn! (2) To write more.  I’m a self-declared writer and journalist, so why don’t I write more?  Even better…why don’t I try to get stuff actually published?  Good questions, right?  I thought so. (3)  The never-ending resolution:  To lose weight and exercise more.  I’m not what you’d call a good-bodied person.  Nope, not at all.  I’ve tried many times to get with the program, but I’m trying a bit harder this time.

So, those are my three mid/end year resolutions.  I hope they make me a better reader, critic, writer, and person.  What are some resolutions you’d like to make?