7 Essentials for the Reader & Writer

A while back I read a post on what is “essential” for a writer.  Since I am both an avid reader/reviewer as well as a writer/internet journalist, I thought I’d sort of merge together what I think is essential for those of us who fall into both categories.   Since it is Banned Books Week, both readers & writers are affected, so in an untraditional BBW post, I thought this would be interesting to some.  Here we go:

1.  Pens – Seriously, can either readers or writers have enough of them?  I think not.  Pens are essential to daily reading and writing in my opinion.  Writing notes in margins, writing reviews before posting them, journaling, etc.–all of this requires the use of pens!  I tend to lean towards fine or extra fine point rollerball, gel, or ballpoint pens, usually in that order.  The Pilot Precise V7 Rolling Ball Pen is possibly my favorite.  What are some of the pens you like to use?

2.  Notebooks – Well, specifically Moleskine Notebooks.  You can’t go wrong with the notebook that is basically the same as the ones used by Hemingway, right?  I am slightly addicted to Moleskines to be quite honest.  I have Moleskine planners, notebooks, mini-notebooks, big notebooks…ok, you get my drift.  But a good notebook that can go with you everywhere is essential.  If you happen to finish a book while traveling and are planning to review it, you need somewhere to jot down ideas.  If you are working on a story or novel, you need somewhere to write down inspirations.

3.  Books – This one is more for the writers since by putting books on the list, I mean books that you can use to help become a more effective writer.  As a reader, too, you will no doubt acquire tons and tons of books in your collection.  I know I have.  Books, to me, are a simply essential part of life in general.

4.  Laptop, Netbook, Computer – If you are a writer or reader in today’s world, you need technology in the form of some type of computer that you can work on.  If you write, you can write your books, stories, poems, etc. on here.  This is especially important if you plan to try to get published since manuscripts must be typed.  For you readers, mainly the book reviewers or bloggers, you MUST have some type of computer.  It is required for daily life these days to have some sort of technology.  Hey, we wouldn’t have Coffee & Literature if I didn’t have a computer!

5.  Dictionary – Dictionaries are so underrated.  People think that simply because “spell-check” is on word processing software, there is no need to check the meaning or spelling of words.  WRONG!!!  Spell-check isn’t always right, and it never hurts to know how to use a dictionary.  Technology is great, but you can get too spoiled, and that is never a good thing.  So, invest in a good dictionary.

6.  Coffee, tea, energy – Ok.  If you have ever been in college, if you work, or if you simply stay up late at night reading, blogging, or writing, you know that some sort of energy is required.  Sometimes it is coffee, sometimes it is a good herbal tea, sometimes it is your own adrenaline that keeps you going, but whatever you use, it is a necessity.  My personal choice is coffee or tea.  My own adrenaline is usually used up on exercise when I decide to get on the treadmill or on work, so coffee or tea it is.  I’m partial to Earl Grey hot tea and Starbucks coffee (Sugar Free non-fat caramel latte with an extra shot).  What keeps you going?

7.  A Good Bag – Many of you know I’ve also got a slight addiction to purses and bags, too.  I am always swapping bags, carrying more than one, etc.  But I always make sure they are good quality bags that can usually hold at least one Moleskine and my current read.  The Roots Small School Bag has to be my all-time favorite because it just looks like a writer’s bag.  My bag is always with me so I have to have one that has room for all my junk. Roots Canada makes great leather bags that look great for readers and writers of any age or gender.  A great bag is necessary for any avid bookish person.

So, that’s my list.  The 7 Essentials for Readers & Writers.  What are some of the essentials that you must have with you?