Monday Musings

Finally, I have actually had time to think about things lately.  Reading, writing, blogging, etc.  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I am apparently a writer.  I’ve been told this for a very long time by teachers, friends, colleagues, family, etc., but I guess I never really believed it.  I’ve had poems published, I’ve always written good short stories (even when I was little), and I do pretty good writing reviews and articles.  Here’s my problem…what kind of writer am I?  I honestly don’t consider myself a poet.  I’ve written poetry and had it published, but it just isn’t my passion.  I’ve not tried to have a short story published, and I’ve not written one in a long time, but I’ve got some good ideas…maybe I should try to write one and see if I can get it published.  Novels…I’ve got an idea for one that is still in formation, so I’m figuring that will be a while.  Articles, reviews, etc. that fall into the journalism category…these seem to be what I’ve written more of lately.  I have this blog, Coffee & Literature, and I write for Women that WOW!, which is a site for women and written by women. My occupation is a high school teacher, English to be specific, but my true passion, I’ve finally realized, is writing.  I don’t really even know if there is a specific term for what kind of writer I am.  But I have, after a very long time of going back and forth, realized that writing is what I love and also one of the things I do that I’m good at, not just according to me, but others also.  So, where am I going to take my passion?  Of course, I will continue to teach, but why not write, too?  Writing, for me, is the ‘escape’ from the daily dealings of job and life.  Everyone has something they love to do–cook, sing, dance–and I love to write.  So, my only question is…what is the name for a writer such as myself?  What do you think?