Weekly Update

It has been a busy late summer/early fall for me so far.  That is mostly why I’ve slacked off on posting lately.  But, I’m hoping I’ve finally fallen back into a routine so I can read more, write more, & blog more.  I’m currently reading Ariel by Sylvia Plath & Emma by Jane Austen (nope, not done with it yet!).  I’ve got a couple more that I’m going to add to the ‘currently-reading’ group soon so maybe I’ll be getting some more books under my belt.  For reviews tomorrow, look for my review of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.  This is one of those books I’ve had, sort-of read once, and finally read again.  My students and I have really enjoyed reading and discussing it together, so I hope you will enjoy my review tomorrow.  I’m also going to be looking at my current schedule of posting and see if I can do some revising to topics, days, etc.  I’ve just been doing lots of thinking about what my purpose is in writing this blog, so I think you’ll like what I’m looking at switching around.  You’ll have to wait and see on that. I’m hoping to finish Ariel by Wednesday so I can do the poetry café on the entire book instead of one poem.  We’ll see.  I am hoping my new thoughts of how I want to do this blog will be beneficial to my schedule and my readers’ schedules so that you’ll get more out of what I’m writing.  So, look for some changes and some reviews coming this week.  Happy reading!