Weekly Update…I promise I’m still here!

Hey, everyone!  I realize I’ve been slacking on posting, but I promise I’m not gone.  I should be catching up to posting the rest of the week and weekend.  With school getting started back and me beginning a teaching job at a different school, I’ve sort of been playing catch-up with life.  I’ve got several books lined up to read and review within the next few weeks as well as getting back to my daily posts of poetry, What’s in Your Bag?, and others.  So don’t forget about me!

I’m also debating on getting a new eReader.  After a LONG time of fighting book technology (and if you know me, I DON’T fight tech, I truly embrace it), I have given in to getting some type of eReader.  So, when the time comes for me to cross to the dark side (yeah, they have cookies), I’ll give a review of the one I get.  I’m heavily leaning toward a Nook or even possibly jumping on the iPad craze.  So stay tuned.

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on why I’ve not been on and make sure that you all don’t quit reading.  I’ll be back in a day or so!

Thanks for reading & keep on lovin’ those books!!!