What’s in Your Bag? (August 3)

What’s in your bag today?  Anyone can play along with “What’s in your bag?”; here’s what you do:

1.  Grab your bag AND your current read.  If you are using an eReader, phone, or computer that goes with you in your bag, make sure to include it and tell us!
2.  Take a picture (or pictures) of the contents, including your current read.  It can be a picture where you just dump everything out of the bag and snap a pic, or you can neatly arrange everything.  Your choice!  For some ideas on pictures check out the What’s in your bag? Flickr group.
Tell us what you are carrying in your bag in your post. You can label the picture or just describe it.
Tell us a little about your current read…title, author, how much you’ve read, a short review so far, some quotes, etc.
POST A COMMENT with either the link to your own “What’s in Your Bag?” post, or share a link to the bag’s picture (if you don’t have a blog).

Actually, what is in my bag today is exactly what was in it yesterday since I didn’t go anywhere today.  I’ve been going back and forth to work, which requires me to carry my laptop, so my Roots Small School Bag works best for that.  I’ve got my wallet, germX, iPod, Moleskine planner, MacBook Pro, keys, and my current “read”.  Don’t see a book, you say?  That’s right!  My current “read” for today was actually my paperwork for school so I can work on my syllabus and such.  I didn’t get a chance to read a book or magazine today, but that should be changing in a couple of days when school stuff is done.

So, What’s in YOUR bag today?