Project 365 – Day 3

To keep it short & sweet, I did not feel well today, so most of the day was spent in the bed.  How do you document staying in bed resting all day?  Honestly, that wasn’t hard.  I had my iPhone in the bedroom with me so I could still communicate with the outside world; therefore, I had complete access to a camera!  Oh, and I had access to nifty apps to edit my picture.  That being said, there were not many interesting things to take pictures of in the bedroom, so what you get is my view from the bed.

No, that’s not a picture of a flying saucer.  That is the ceiling fan in my bedroom.  Playing around with the Camera+ app on my phone, I actually thought this ended up being a neat picture.  I made it look like a Polaroid in black & white.  So, that is Day 3 of Project 365…