Wednesday Poetry Café (July 21)

Today’s poetry café selection is from a book that is dear to my heart, as one of my own relatives, Miriam Reid Anderson, wrote the poem and was able to get her book, Gather the Moon-Mist, published by Arthur Commercial Press.

Miriam’s book

Many of her poems were also featured in magazines and newspapers such as American Bard, Palm Springs Villager, Windfall, the Denver Post, the Washington Evening Star, and many others.  The copy of the book that I have is actually my dad’s copy of the first edition that she gave him when he lived in California.  She even wrote some extra poems in the back of the book for him, so that makes this one sort of extra special to me.

One of the handwritten poems in the book

The poem for this week is the poem that gives its first line to the title of Miriam’s book, Gather the Moon-Mist.  Entitled “The Heart’s Goal,” this is one of my favorite poems in the book.  I’ve never been to California, much less the mountains of San Bernadino that Miriam wrote about and lived in, but to hear my dad describe it, this poem tells it all.  So, I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my own family in today’s poetry café.

The Heart’s Goal

Gather the moon-mist of mountains,
Gather the dew from their fern;
Bring me the stars from the hill top,
The vastness where gold sunsets burn.
Gather the cloud-burst of summer,
Gather the breath of new hay;
Bring me the bright leaves of autumn,
Deepening and drifting away.
Gather the stillness of morning,
Gather the wind through the pine,
Bring me the reach of the distance,
Let all this beauty be mine!
Then shall my heart in its fullness,
Sensing its goal high and free,
Know in the wonders of nature,
The love that God has for me.