Introducing…What’s in Your Bag?

This is a new weekly post I’m going to start on my blog, and I hope it will pick up on other blogs, too.  I know that a lot of book lovers, readers, and lots of other people carry purses, handbags, “man” bags, whatever you want to call them, and I know that you all, like me, carry books with you in those great bags. While browsing the ‘net, I’ve also discovered that the “What’s in your bag?” phenomenon is quite popular.  From flickr albums and groups to Facebook, people are constantly posting the odd, nifty, and strange contents of their bags.  The flickr group alone has over 18,000 members!  I guess we are all nosy people, but I will say that looking at the pictures, I’ve gotten lots of ideas of things I should be carrying in my bag.  I’ve not yet found one that deals with books, so here’s what this post is about.  In addition to Teaser Tuesdays, I am going to post each week on Tuesday a “What’s in Your Bag?” post.  If you’d like to join me, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Grab your bag AND your current read.
2.  Take a picture (or pictures) of the contents, including your current read.  It can be a picture where you just dump everything out of the bag and snap a pic, or you can neatly arrange everything.  Your choice!  For some ideas on pictures check out the What’s in your bag? Flickr group.
3.  Tell us what you are carrying in your bag in your post. You can label the picture or just describe it.
4.  Tell us a little about your current read…title, author, how much you’ve read, a short review so far, some quotes, etc.  
5.  POST A COMMENT with either the link to your own “What’s in Your Bag?” post, or share a link to the bag’s picture (if you don’t have a blog).

Yeah, it’s a strange sort of post, but we bookish people can be a bit quirky sometimes!  🙂  Hopefully, you won’t think it’s too strange and enjoy talking bags and books!

In the next post, you’ll see the first “What’s in Your Bag?” post from Coffee & Literature!