Roots Large Hobo in Vintage Prince Leather

Bags are something most book lovers carry, I would assume, and I am always looking for ones that will fit all my necessities, including books.  I previously reviewed the Roots Small School Bag, that would be great for any book lover that carries lots of stuff.  A week ago I ordered the Roots Large Hobo Bag in Vintage Prince Tan Leather.  I received it today, which is pretty fast shipping from Canada to Tennessee, and I thought I’d post a review here for all you book & bag lovers out there.  First of all let me say that Roots has VERY high quality, yet affordable (as far as good, high quality, brand bags go), bags offered–the Large Hobo is $248.00 and the Small School Bag was $278.00.  Compared to bags of similar quality that I own, such as Louis Vuitton (coated canvas purses start around $800 and leather can be over $2,000) and Coach ($200-$300 for canvas/cloth and $300-$500 for leather), these are a great value and just as good of a quality bag!  Both the Tribe Leather & Prince Leather that I have seen and touched are soft and sturdy at the same time.  They are perfect for bags that you want to feel as if you have used them for years.  Now, on to the Hobo bag…

I was looking for a large purse that could carry virtually everything.  I have found it.  This bag will hold all of my necessities plus more.  You can see in the picture that I carry a LOT of things.  I have a wallet, cosmetic bag, pen bag, sunglasses in a hard case, two Moleskines, iPod, iPhone, keys, and other miscellaneous items totally roughly 25 items. After I put these in my bag, I could still fit more in there.  I’d estimate that a book (or eReader) and even possibly my 13″ MacBook Pro could fit in there if I organized things in a few more pouches.  So it is perfect for my needs!

So, what does this awesome bag look like without my essentials crowding over it?  Here it is–a beautiful tan leather that will work with any color outfit, just in case you were wondering.  I never was a big fan of tan leather since I mostly carry black purses & bags, but after much urging from my husband who has as much fashion sense as any editor of Vogue, to be honest, I succumbed and bought one.  I have to say I LOVE the tan/saddle leather.  It looks great with any color!

You can see that the handle drop is short so the bag can be carried close to you, but it is also adjustable to a longer length, although it seems to only adjust to two lengths (Roots, if you see this, is there more than 2 lengths to adjust it to?  If so, please show me how!)  You can also see that the stitching on the bag is simply gorgeous.

It has a small side pocket on the outside for quick access to essential things, such as keys or a cell phone.  In fact, I could fit my iPhone 4 perfectly in the side pocket, so I will be keeping it in there and I’ll be keeping my keys inside one of the interior slip pockets which is where I used to keep my phone in other purses that didn’t have outside pockets.  Now for the rest of the bag…

The interior is very roomy, containing two open slip pockets, which will hold my iPod & keys, and a large zipper pocket, which will hold my bag hook/holder and Splenda tablets.

So, what is my final ruling on the Roots Large Hobo in Vintage Prince Leather…again, an A for Roots Canada!  They have yet to disappoint in there products that I’ve ordered.  I can say that I will definitely be ordering more products from Roots, and I highly recommend them to, others as well.