Weekly Update

This will be a boring Weekly Update, but an update nonetheless.  I should finish Emma this week.  I’ve taken some time to read a bit in other books at the same time since I need the practice for the fall when I’ll be teaching 4 different English classes and we’ll be reading 4 different books at the same time.  It worked when I was reading Vexation, so hopefully it will work this week!

As far as other posts this week:
Monday:  Hopefully a review will be posted; if not, I’ll try to surprise you!
Tuesday: Teaser Tuesdays (This week’s will be from another short story.)
Wednesday: Wednesday Poetry Café (You’ll get to see and discuss one of my late relative’s poems from her book, Gather the Moon Mist.)
Thursday:  Thursday Teacher’s Thoughts
Friday:  Review (Hopefully Emma!)
Saturday:  Short Story Saturday (the short story this week will come from my reading of one in a past issue of The New Yorker magazine.)

Hope everyone has a great week!