Thursday Teacher’s Thoughts (July 1)

In case you were wondering, this post won’t solely be about books.  I’ve been doing some thinking today.  Driving to Jackson (roughly 30 min away) and while I was eating lunch, I did lots of thinking.  I thought about why I started this blog, I thought about everyday things, I thought about reading, and…I thought about reality.

So, why did I start this blog?  To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I have an exact answer for you.  Maybe I wanted to just jump on the bandwagon of blogging…nope, I’ve blogged before, so that couldn’t be it.  I think I started this blog for a few reasons, actually.  I enjoy being on the computer and I enjoy books.  How could I bring those together?  Blogging, of course!  I also had, for whatever reason, browsed around different blogs one day because I had the inkling to start one again.  I had tried one about my life in general…boring.  I’d tried one about religion, but that seems to reach only a particular audience, so that was out (even though a I do write a blog for my Sunday school class).  Then I cam across a blog about books.  I’m an English teacher and book lover, so this appealed to me.  And it hit me, I can blog about books!  Books can connect people who are one mile apart to those who are thousands of miles apart.  Book blogging it was!

I also thought about every day things, too, but that abruptly turned into thinking about reality.  I’m a teacher.  Teaching, no matter what the field, is a very real job.  If you ever need a good reality check for your life and for the lives of others, including those of your immediate family, you should teach.  I have been enlightened to things that I had never thought of since I began teaching.  I have also been brought to a reality about myself many times as a teacher.  Teaching makes you appreciate small things in life, I think.  You learn to love more than you loved before as your heart opens up to care for people you only see for an hour or a few hours a day.  I spent many nights worrying about my students; I spent many nights worrying about my family; and I spent many nights worrying about myself, about whether or not this was a job that I was good at doing.

That’s a lot to think about in a 30 minute drive and a lunch that lasted about 30 minutes, isn’t it?  But that is what I thought about.  Blogging and reality.

So, here is my question to you….I have come to the conclusion that blogging & books are my escape from reality sometimes, but some people would say that books are simply another form of reality.  What do you think?  Do you escape from reality in your own way?  Do you want to even admit that you do?  What is your reality, and is it truly real?