Blogging Schedule Update

After browsing around other book blogs and seeing what they use for daily posts, updates, etc.  I’ve decided to change my blogging schedule a bit.  I wanted to put a bit more of “myself” into my blog along with the reviews & other book bloggers’ memes that I post.  With this new schedule, I’ll be able to offer a bit more insight into book reviews, short stories, poetry, and yes, myself.  So, here is my new blog schedule:

Sunday: Weekly Updates

Monday: Reviews

Tuesday: Teaser Tuesdays
Wednesday: Wednesday Poetry Café
Thursday: Thursday Teacher’s Thoughts
Friday: Reviews
Saturday: Short Story Saturdays

thought it made more sense to to updates on Sunday so that I can discuss both the past and upcoming week.  Monday makes more sense for reviewing based on my schedule.  I’ll still be doing Teaser Tuesdays, which is quite fun.  The Wednesday Poetry Café is something new where I’ll be posting poems for discussion.  Thursday Teacher’s Thoughts  will really come more into play in the fall when school starts back again. Here I’ll have some thoughts about teaching, literature my classes are reading, etc.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy that.  Friday will still be reviews, and Saturday will still be Short Story Saturdays.  I may end up making the Poetry Café and Short Story Saturday a sort of meme similar to Teaser Tuesdays, but I’m really undecided at the moment.  Stay tuned to see what comes of the new schedule!