Do Nothing But Read Day

I happened to find out that today is “Do Nothing But Read Day”  thanks to Ash at English Major’s Junk Food.  I have been needing for over a week to sit down and read Emma, but I have yet to do it.  For some reason, this week, having a day to do nothing except read made me want to finish the book.  Normally, I don’t need any coaxing to read, but lately, I’ve just not been in a reading mood for some reason…maybe it is because I need to work on things to get ready for my new teaching job in the fall…or maybe I’ve been spending too much time on the computer…either way, I still need to read!

So, what is “Do Nothing But Read Day” you ask?

It is not a stay-up-into-the-wee-hours-readathon, but it is a relaxing day of reading.

According to the Do Nothing But Read Day blog, here is a more detailed description:

On December 3, 2009, Amanda Lanyon-LeSage said something on Facebook that could possibly change the world. She merely wished that she could take a day off and do nothing but read. Her idea was seconded–and thirded and fourthed–and then it happened for real.

The first Do Nothing But Read Day was held on Sunday, December 20, 2009.  Hundreds of people took a day off from the mad rush of holiday preparations and other things to just read. 


  • You have to read. This can be whatever format you want: paperback, hardcover, eBook, newspaper, comic book, etc.  
  • You have to enjoy yourself.

Because many of us like nothing better than doing nothing but reading, we’ve decided to make Do Nothing But Read Day an ongoing event.

Doesn’t that sound great?  For me, it definitely does!  You can sign up today at the Do Nothing But Read Day blog, and you can even win some prizes!  Make sure to sign up before 11:59 pm tonight, though.

What am I going to be reading for “Do Nothing But Read Day?”

I am obviously going to read Emma, but after that, I’m going to break from Austen (since I’ve got the year left to finish my project & challenges) and read a book which was sent to me to review called Vexation by Elicia Clegg.  I don’t know if I’ll finish Emma in time to start the other, but I hope so.

I’ll post later to let you know how my day of reading ended!