Weekly Updates

There isn’t much to update this week so far.  I’m currently reading Jane Austen’s Emma, which I’m enjoying, but it has been tough for me to sit down and read this week for some reason.  Hopefully I’ll have a review posted for it soon.  My Austen readings are also part of my Jane Austen Project, as well as the few challenges I’ve signed up for in 2010.

I’ve also added a “blogging schedule” to my sidebar.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to this schedule so I’ll have more posts about different things relating to literature.  Right now my schedule is: 

Sunday: Reviews

Monday: Monday’s Musings

Tuesday: Teaser Tuesdays
Wednesday: Weekly Updates
Thursday: Poetry Thursday
Friday: Reviews
Saturday: Short Story Saturdays

Of course, this could change due to any randomness, but I hope to stick to it.  It will become harder as I get back to teaching in the fall, but as far as that goes, I’m going to try to review books and stories that I’ll be teaching to my students.  Maybe some of you will enjoy that!

The only other update I have is that I will (hopefully with fingers crossed) be doing a semi-techie review tomorrow after 10:00 on the new iPhone 4.  I didn’t pre-order one, and I’m going to wait outside tonight up to tomorrow morning so I can hopefully get one at a retailer.  AT&T has decided not to release any to walk-in customers tomorrow, so I’m having to find another retailer to go to.  I know I’m probably nuts for waiting outside a store for what could be hours for a phone, but it is sort of exciting.  So if any of you are techie people or just want to hear about the new iPhone, stay tuned to see if I get one!  Until then, happy reading!