Roots Small School Bag

I wasn’t planning on posting again today, but I wanted to do a review of the Roots Canada Small School Bag.  I found this bag in sort of an odd way.  I tend to watch TV shows, movies, and read magazines to see what the latest “thing” is in fashion and accessories.  To my surprise I found that cross-body and messenger bags are back in style for men and women, thus my search for one began.  I wanted one that could be practical for everyday as well as for work.  Being a teacher, I needed a good quality bag.  Last year, I broke two bags toting them back and forth to school.  This year, I will be teaching at a small private school, so I’ll have less papers and books to take back and forth, BUT i do have to take my computer to work and back home.  So I knew I wanted something that looked good (in case I wanted to stop by Starbucks or the bookstore on my way home) and something practical and sturdy.  I looked at a Coach bag, some bags on eBags, and eBay, too, but nothing really caught my fancy.  But…while on vacation in Florida, my husband and I saw the movie Letters to Juliet.  In the movie, Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried) carried a really cute leather messenger bag (see the picture at the top).  With Google as my friend, I quickly searched “bag in letters to juliet” and found that there were lots of women looking for the same thing that I had been searching for.  I finally found out that it was a Roots Canada Small School Bag by seeing a post on their official blog, Roots Buzz.  The bag was not cheap ($278), but I found out what good quality Roots bags were, so I thought it would be a good investment.  Although it was a bit hard to get the bag due to the popularity of it since the movie’s release, I finally got it today.  And let me say, it is a great bag!

The distressed Italian leather (called Tribe Leather by Roots) makes the bag have a great “lived-in” feel and look to it.  The hardware that I had thought was brass turned out to be silver, which is just like the one in the movie, so that was a plus for me.  

The bag itself, while small enough to work as an everyday purse or bag, is still big enough to fit my 13″ MacBook Pro.  The interior of the bag is lined (but not strongly padded, which I knew), and has two open pockets plus a larger zippered pocket.  

My MacBook Pro fits snuggly enough in the bag that it won’t slide around and get scratched, but I’m still probably going to get a sleeve for it just in case (as long as it will still fit in the bag.)

The back of the bag’s exterior sports the Roots Canada logo and it also has another zippered pocket for your things.

All in all, I am loving this bag.  It has a great classic look and feel to it, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good bag that will last.  I will be using this bag a lot in the coming years.  So, the verdict….the Roots Canada Small School Bag gets a A from me!  Good job, Roots!