Jane Austen Challenge

Since I’m already doing my Jane Austen Project, I thought to myself, “Why would it hurt to participate in the Jane Austen Challenge that another blog is doing.”  So, I signed up.  I’m doing the Jane Austen “Lover” level.  The requirements for that level in the challenger are reading 4 books by Austen plus 4 re-writes, prequels, sequels, or spoofs (by other authors). 

Since I’m already doing my Austen project, my list adds two more Austen novels.

Here are the books that I’ll be reading:
1.  The Jane Austen Book Club (Karen Joy Fowler)
2.  Emma (J.A.)
3.  Sense & Sensibility (J.A.)
4.  Mansfield Park (J.A.)
5.  Northanger Abbey (J.A.)
6.  Pride & Prejudice (J.A.)
7.  Persuasion (J.A.)
8.  Writing Jane Austen: A Novel (Elizabeth Aston)
9.  Murder at Longbourn: A Mystery (Tracy Kiely)
10.  Jane Austen Ruined My Life (Beth Pattillo)

I almost put the apparantley popular Pride & Prejudice and Zombies on my list, but I still cannot bring myself to read it.  The others I picked looked pretty good, so we’ll see.  I’ll also be reviewing them on my blog.  The challenge itself runs to December 31, 2010, so I have plenty of time to read the last three books and review them.  You can keep up with my progress by going to my 2010 Challenges page on the blog.  Hopefully, this might just inspire some of you to read some Austen yourself!

Happy Reading!